Turtle Peak was founded so we could help you help your people. Whatever your standards are for customer service, we will raise them. With every interaction, we are committed to providing superior support while creating lasting, memorable experiences. People will never forget how we made them feel and our job is not done until that feeling is gratitude.

Our team never follows a script. You teach us about your product and then we take it from there. Customers want to be heard and we want to help them. No matter the industry, we can make a substantial difference for you.

By supporting your customers, we also support your business. From astounding upsell rates on your inbound sales calls (think over 80%), to retaining your subscription customers, to keeping your chargeback and refund rates dramatically below industry averages – we’ll quickly become your secret weapon.

We have an arsenal of tools and ideas to share with you. Let us make your life easier by making your customer’s life better.


Dedicated Customer Support

When you work with Turtle Peak you get dedicated representatives who are passionate about your business. Your customers will be blown-away by the level of knowledge, expertise, and ownership that our representatives possess. In turn, this will lead to higher order values, fewer refunds, and a stronger brand.

Personalized Email Support

We have a dedicated team of brand experts whose sole job is to reply to your customer emails. This means faster response times, and happier customers. In fact, Turtle Peak strives for an email response time to all of your customers of 24 Hours or Less, including on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Live Chat Support

Our live chat software offers real-time support to your customers when they need it most. We have the method, technology, and training to turn a simple instant message into lasting sales and a visitor satisfaction tool.

Outbound Support

We have the experience to turn suggestive selling into an effortless and profitable part of your customer support strategy. Our calling services include upselling bundle and auto-ship packages, re-engaging old customers, running user-generated content campaigns, and basic welcome calls to walk new users through what to expect with your product, to name a few. All our programs are completely customizable to your business so whatever you need, we can design and provide it.

Outbound Sales Recovery

Cart abandoners need love too. We can monetize your partials and declines by identifying these ‘almost sales’ to eliminate any doubt by reassuring their initial interest and getting the prospects to purchase over the phone. We do this on a performance basis, so we only get paid when we close sales!

ROI Generation (Sales)

We get that sales are what keep your doors open. That’s why we train our representatives to be incredibly effective salespeople. From effortlessly upselling inbound customers, to proactively cross-selling all of your services and products, for every $1 you spend on Turtle Peak you can expect to make at least $3 back. That’s why so many people view working with Turtle Peak as a no-brainer.

Mitigated Chargebacks and Refunds

At Turtle Peak we believe that most refunds and chargebacks are a result of misunderstandings. Our representatives create instant trust and rapport with your customers, which mitigates chargebacks and refunds immediately. Additionally, we are experts in helping your company to “save the sale.”

Order Management

Because Turtle Peak got its start as an in-house customer service team, we understand the supply chain better than anyone. We can help to track and manage every step of the fulfillment cycle, monitor inventory levels, and proactively alert both your business and your customers when issues arise.

Reputation Management

Protecting your reputation is one of the most cherished parts of how we grow our own reputation. Not everyone is going to love your products, but studies have shown that people are 2x more likely to purchase your product if they see you responded to the negative reviews. We have the sensitivity and grace to take these off your hands and convert them into a real opportunity for growth.

The above is just a small preview of the ways we can help your company grow and thrive. To discuss the personalized call center and customer support solution that’s right for you, contact us today